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“I asked Robert, “What are the key take-aways for investors interested in the augmented reality field at the moment:

“First, Mobile AR is going to be bigger than the web.

“Second, it is going to affect nearly every industry and aspect of life.

“Third, the emerging sector needs aggressive investment with long term returns. Get rich quick start ups in this space will blow through money and ultimately fail. We need smart VCs to jump in now and do it right.

“Fourth, AR has the potential to create a few hundred thousand jobs and entirely new professions. You want to kick start the economy or relive the golden days of 1990s innovation? Mobile AR is it.

“Don’t be misguided by the gimmicky marketing applications now. Look ahead, and pay attention to what the visionaries are talking about right now. Find the right idea, help build the team, fund them, and then sit back and watch the world change. Also, AR has long term implications for smart cities, green tech, education, entertainment, and global industry. This is serious business, but it has to be done right. I’m more than happy to talk to any venture capitalist, angel investor, or company executive that wants to get a handle on what is out there, what is coming, and what the potential is. Understanding these is the first step to leveraging them for a competitive edge and building a new industry. Lastly, AR is not the same as last decade’s VR.”

(((”The golden days of 1990s innovation.” Where would those days have been without the golden, bell-like, ringing sound of 1990s tech hype? Stuff that sounded just like this, except it was published in Mondo 2000! How well I remember those halcyon days! Reading a screed like this floods me with tingling nostalgia!)))

(((Can you imagine how much raw fun it would be to see today’s besotted business community totally freaking over Augmented Reality, instead of crying in their beer about sordid bank failures? “Crash over! Back to the bubble, boys, and this time it’s escaped the limits of the screens and it’s running right around in the streets!”))

(((Man, what could POSSIBLY offer a bigger self-levitating investment bubble than “Augmented Reality”? “Augmented Financial Reality,” the very idea is pure win! Imagine that we were all soaringly rich because we were deftly pasting video phantoms onto geolocative street corners! Would that situation be any weirder than the early pure-play dotcoms? Heck no it wouldn’t! Because it would be almost exactly the same situation, except even more so, a kind of platform-of-platforms for a Bubble of bubbles.)))

(((Let’s be frank here, shall we? Would it hurt my sci-fi feelings any if Augmented Reality really and truly was “bigger than the web?” No way! I would totally exult in that convulsion. Augmented Reality is like a Philip K Dick novel torn off its paperback rack and blasted out of iPhones. Bring the kool-aid, brother.)))

(((Mr Gartner Hype-Cycle, your fizzy burst of initial enthusiasm is waiting on line one:)))

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